March 22, 2008

Easter Basket

Here is my latest Cricut creation! Happy Easter!

March 6, 2008

It's aliiiiiiiive!

Well, technically, its not alive...but it's done! Now on to 4 dresses and another quilt I need to finish! It never ends!


March 2, 2008

10 random things about me

I will play along and pretend to be cool like everyone else (they are cool, I am pretending, I didn't mean to say that they were pretending to be cool like I am. Pretending that is, not that they are not cool like me because I am not cool, I am just pretending to be cool, whilst everyone else really is cool...did that make sense?)

1. I am not one of the cool kids.

2. I really can't stand to wear shoes. I wear birkenstocks year round, rain or snow or sunshine...and as soon as those can come off, they do!

3. I dont have any cool tattoos or body peircings...but I have some really big freaky scars from my many many surgeries.

4. I have a 2nd belly button (see #3) Ha ha ha, NO, I won't show it to you. Only special people have seen it.

5. I am profoundly Deaf. No, it's not the reason I appear to be ignoring you.

7. I had a 7th cesarean section and (barely) survived. Yes, you CAN have more than 3 of, I do not reccomend it.

8. I get hit on by lesbians a little more often than I'd like. I have no idea why either. I mean seriously, when a woman is obviously heavy with child, with 5 other kids in the suburban, waiting to pick her husband up at work and decides to check the oil...what makes you think you can come up, reach around with both hands and ask if I "need a little help under the hood"?!?!?! Seriously ladies, I don't swing that way.

9. I saw a plastic surgeon the other day...his comment was, "your husband isnt here so I will say it, you've really got some nice curves under there.". Why THANK YOU! Underneath the flab and fat and lumps, and scars, I look great! It's what every woman wants to hear! That goes right up there with "wow, you used to look like that!" upon the arrival of my sister, Ahnah, visiting home from BYU. Oh and my sisters and I were checking out the birthmark on Abigayil's back, and I said "just like mommy's.", Kev pipes up with "what, the fat blubs?". To his defense, he thought we were discussing the girlie's chubbs...LMAO

10. I have a fabric fettish. I justify it as the ability to be able to supply clothes and quilts for a year in the event of a disaster. Everyone should have a year's supply of fabric!

I don't know anyone, so I won't tag anyone. Again, not one of the cool kids!