May 4, 2008


I've been tagged to tell about my sweetie, so here's the run down:

What is your husband's name? Kevin, AKA: Kev, Kevi

How long have you been married? We will hit 14 years on June 25th.

Who eats more sweets? Right now he does. All the sweets I like have milk and eggs in them. Stupid milk, stupid eggs!

Who said I love you first? I really don't remember, I want to say he did.

How old is he? 15+20-2

Who is taller? Kevin, by 12"

Who is smarter? uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think he is. He probably thinks I am. It really depends on what kind of smart is needed!

Who can sing better? I think I can...but I don't know, because I can't hear anyone else sing.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? we both sleep on the right side. The wrong side is full of shoes and dust!

Who mows the lawn? Kev does. I love mowing, but it's too difficult to do with kiddos the trying to help, and the little girls wanting to be held and needing to be supervised outside (no fence!). That and it's a fairly large task. It's a huge lumpy bumpy yard!

Who cooks dinner? I do. He stopped cooking when we went dairy/egg free. We call it "ingredient free". LOL

Who drives? If we are together, he does, so I can hear him talking to me.

Who kissed who first? I honestly don't remember, it was over 14 years ago! I remember the kiss though! Maybe he kissed me first...I don't remember! How bad is that?

Who asked who out? I did. Just don't tell my mom! Hahaha

Who has more siblings? Me, he's an only child.

Who wears the pants? I like Doreen's answer, but I really have to say I do.

What is his love language? Don't know - I'll have to read the book.

I won't tag anyone, everyone I know has already been tagged I am sure. Who reads my blog anyway? Leave a comment so I know!

May 2, 2008

Please note...

Please note that this is MY blog. If you don't like my title, you really needn't fret, simply click the red X in the corner. I had it installed just for that purpose. If you do like it, you probably know me personally, know my sense of humor, and where this came from. Maybe you have no idea who I am, and you still like it. Good for you! You have a slightly demented sense of humor too! Truth be told, everyone who has kids, has naughty kids. They simply vary in their degree of naughiness. Naughty at my house is a funny thing. We celebrate underarm mints, CPBs, and peanut butter eating under the bed.