July 16, 2008


We went out last night, like we do every Tuesday night. We hung out at Ahnah's until just after midnight waiting out the storms. It didn't do much good though as we wound up driving into worse storms heading home. Lightning was striking rapidly and very close to where we were driving! Kev made the comment, "that's a little too close to home!". Little did we know...


I can't complain really, the house it OK, power is back on, we just lost a very large tree in the front yard. We really were blessed that it fell completely parallel to the sidewalk. We were even more thankful that the other half stayed up during the rest of the night's storms. That part of the tree leans towards the house.

We do need to thank the men from the city's crew that were over first thing in the morning. Talk about service! Some 10+ men armed with chainsaws, trucks, payloader and industrial chipper made short work of the mess. The sad thing is my yard is trashed, and we lost the majority of our shade/wind protection for the yard and the house. I need to totally re-do the landscaping. Everything was planted for full shade...and now we're full sun.