January 13, 2008

We get busy sometimes

Ok, so I haven't posted in a bit...it's been a tad bit hectic. Hectic is really nothing new, just an excuse I like to use for being lazy, which is nearly an every day occurance.

Back on January 3rd, I had a wonderful idea to have a family outing. Kevin was off work, and the kids did not have to return to school until the 7th. Things could not have been more ideal. I planned a trip to a local pizza buffet, then on to the Children's Museum. To add to the day's idealness, I also had "kids eat free coupons", and it was a free day at the musuem. Lunch and activities for 8 people, for under $15. We got about 15 minutes into eating, and realized we truly are playing russian roulette in our attempts to feed a highly allergic 12 mo old. We gave her diced eggs. Aparantly Abigayil and eggs don't mix. She started out with hives on her mouth, then started pulling at her neck and wheezing. Great, flashbacks to a few weeks ago. We called the doctor, stabbed her with an epi pen and gathered up the rest of the kids (by gathered them up I mean we dragged the middle 3 out kicking and screaming about wanting to eat, and not having had any icecream yet) and got into the burb to rush down the street to the ER. As soon as we got everyoen buckled in, Abigayil projectile vomited all over the car. Joy joy, at elast it got the food out of her belly. The ER was a wonderful engagement of more medication stabbing, oxygen masks, respiratory therapy, IVs, and children huddled in the corner sobbing and on their knees praying. Oh I forgot the nurse that didn't actually believe that she was in anaphylaxis for the 4th time in as many months ran out the door yelling something to the effect of, "we need a doctor, she's dying". That is EXACTLY what a room full of scaren children need to hear to prevent them from panicking. We did eventually get Abigayil stabilized and moved her up to the peds unit. This is how we do family outings here at Wunk's Home for Naughty Children. Great isn't it?

I was very impressed with and inspired by, Matthew. He was terrified, but did not panic. Instead he quietly dropped on his knees in prayer and supplication for his tiny sister, and instructed the other children to do so as well. Oh the faith of children! It was not until stong hands were laid on her little head by Daddy and Pop-Pop that she started to make a recovery. My mom asked me a few days later, "What do people do without the priesthood?". They die. I am always in awe that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us, all we need to do is ask for His help. He does hear the prayers of his little, and not so little children. I am thankful for the restored power of the priesthood on this earth, and for his restored gospel. I am thankful for parents who have shown me to pray, and to trust in the Lord. I am incredibly grateful for a sweet and loving husband who holds the priesthood, and for my father for teaching him how to use it. In all this has been a faith building experience. I just pray we can hold off a while before having any more of these kind of faith builders!

On a lighter note...Matthew informed me this past Monday that he signed up for basketball. He also informed me that he is the smallest boy playing. He is excited to be doing something other than shoot hoops in the back yard. He has his first game at the end of the month. I hope he actually gets some time on the court! We still do not know why he has stopped growing. The endocrinologist at the children's hospital in Omaha, NE, said that his initial blood work came back within the normal limits, but he did feel a bit of a goiter. Before anyone pipes up, yes we DO use iodized salt. He goes back in April for further testing.

That is all for now. I had a million things to share, but my sleep deprived brain doesnt function anymore, and alas, Abigayil is awake and signaling that she does indeed require my presence and built in feeding aparatus in her mouth STAT.

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