June 20, 2008

We're off to see the wizard!

Technically, no wizard, but we are going to Kansas City (yes I know it's in MO, but our hotel is in KS!) Kev and I decided to leave most of the kids at home with Laura, the worlds greatest nanny-sitter, and take Ellie and Abbie along. Matthew will be at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch in SD while we are gone too, Laura's got it easy this week! It's not California, and Sea World, and Disneyland, and all that neat Stuff that Nate and Doreen got to do, but it's still fun! I hope I can remember how to get around still! Ellie is looking forward to going to the zoo this time. She SWEARS there are KOALAS EVERYWHERE in KC. She said it last time we were there too, only I don't remember seeing any koalas! Anyway, I am looking forward to being able to get around a little easier without so many kids, and seeing the things we didn't have time to on our last visit. At this point I really can't imagine driving a small car around, and going places with just the 2 little girls, but I am sure I will manage!

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