November 8, 2008

Wake up with the King

With a quiet smile, my little three year old girl climbed into my bed this morning. She looked like an angel, sweet as can be in her pink polkadot princess jammies. Curious as to what she was smiling about I asked if she had a good sleep. She replied, "Mom, I have been thinking about Jesus.". Her smile curling up even more, "I drew Him a picture!". Giggling I asked, "What were you thinking about Jesus? "He loves me, so I was thinking about making Him pictures.".

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all wake up in the morning, with the quiet and warm assurance of Christ's love? The scriptures have taught us to 'be as a child'. This surely must be what was meant, having the faith of a little one, knowing that the Lord's love surrounds us. We might offer up a prayer...although I am sure he loves the pictures just as well.


Victorine said...

Carly drew a picture for Heavenly Father the other day... hmmm, our kids are on the same wavelength! LOL

Victorine said...

Funny, Carly drew a picture for Heavenly Father the other day. I guess our kids are on the same wavelength!! LOL!

Sarah said...

That's funny! I guess when Carly is over for her playdate after school tomorrow they girls can make pictures for Heavenly Father and Jesus!